2016-01-07 Fremont County Search & Rescue 2016 Board Members Election

Fremont County Search & Rescue held their Board Member Elections at its annual Membership Meeting Wednesday, January 6. Officers and responsibilities were shuffled for 2016. Justin Liebert was voted in as Commander, just completing a 2 year Board of Director position. Randy Gravatt was voted in as Vice Commander leaving a 1 year Director position open. Eric Thomas was re-elected to Secretary/Treasurer. Cody and Ryan Wright were each elected to a 2 Year Director position. Ron Sykes rolled over from the 2015 2 Year Director to a 2016 1 Year Director. Jerah Martindale was elected to finish Randy’s 1 Year Director position, and Brett Mackert assumes the Past Commander Board Member position. Appointed positions are as follows: Medical Committee: Randy Gravatt and Tom Howell. Climb Equipment Quartermasters: Brett Mackert, Chad Nash, & Kent Daniels. Rolling Stock Quartermasters: Brett Mackert & Ron Sykes. Scribe: Annie Stephens. Web Developer: Richard Birch.

Past Commander, Brett Mackert, said to the unit, “It is very important for everybody to continue to come to the searches and activities and to participate to the best of their ability, whatever that ability is. I want to thank Eric (Thomas) for being the secretary he has been. Eric has done a great deal for this unit in his capacity, and that has not limited him much. For the rest of you in the unit and those of you who have served in different positions, I would like to say, 'Thank You'. You have done a great job. Keep up the good work. You know saving lives is kind of the name of the game. Don’t ever think that getting rest is more important than going out and saving lives because it is not, and it never will be.”.

Fremont County Sheriff, Len Humphries, addressed the unit after the elections stating, “I would like to say, 'Thank You', to Brett for everything he has done for this organization. I would like to say, 'Thank You', to all of you for all that you do for Search and Rescue and for Fremont County. It is very much appreciated.”.

Fremont County Junior Search & Rescue’s 2016 elections went as follows: Stetson Liebert (Jr. Commander), and Mattie Martindale (Jr. Secretary) were re-elected to their positions, and Stetson Dutton was elected to the Jr. Vice Commander.

The new Commander, Justin Liebert, told the membership: “I appreciate your trust me in the position that Brett has lead it up to be. Brett is still the guy that I am going to have to learn from. I want you to still respect his position. When we’re on the hill, there is no better guy in the world that I trust with my life than Brett Mackert. If we were to lose Brett, where would this unit be? We would be in trouble, it would be tough, and this unit would be scrambling. Brett, his wife, and his family have lived Search and Rescue for over 25 years. That man deserves our respect. That being said, I don’t mind taking some of the responsibilities to relieve the load on his shoulders, but it is going to take all of us. Remember every one of us are part of this Search and Rescue Unit.”