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Our Demolition Derby will be held on Sep 13, 2014 at 6 pm!

Get those derby cars ready!

Here We Go Again

Fremont County Search & Rescue

It's Saturday night, all the family is home,
Dinner is ready, shucks, there goes the phone.
A search on the mountain, someone is lost
Can't have them tangling up with the frost.

A bite for the belly, assemble the gear,
Love, where's my radio? I know that it's here.
It's all in your bag, dear, I have it all ready.
Be sure you dress warm & take care of my Chevy.?

The sled is now loaded, there's gas in the truck,
?Remember your snowshoes in case you get stuck?
A peck on the cheek to the ones that are loved.
Oh darn, where did you lose that warm wooly glove?

A reminder to all that you know you'll be late,
Lobster tomorrow? Please save you a plate.
Remember their prayers as they float off to sleep,
Counting snowshoes & sleds instead of white sheep.

Two Top, Blue Creek, Jefferson or Reas,
A miserable way to end a nice day.
Families are nervous, wanting to help,
As lost ones are found, they all jump and yelp.

They're delirious, wet, hungry, and cold,
Didn't they follow the trail as was told?
A night on the mountain was no special treat,
Without heat and shelter and nothing to eat.

Everyone's found, it's now time to go,
Leaving this quiet to the soft driven snow.
Homeward bound they all head with a smile,
Knowing they've gone that one extra mile.

To warmth, home,& family they head down the hill,
Are you quite certain? There's another search still?
Reheat the reheat, put rest on the shelves,
Search and Rescue's out giving more of themselves!

Annie Stephens-1998





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Fremont Rescue




Fremont County offers beautiful and diverse terrain.

With that, recreational activities bring multitudes of tourists to the area.  Search and Rescue members must be trained and equipped for different types of rescues.

Fremont County Search and Rescue is considered to be one of the best-trained groups of its kind in Idaho and  is the busiest unit in the state taking part in numerous life-saving rescues in all types of conditions.



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